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December 14, 2017


That time of year is once again here, it’s Advent season. The season of expectation, the season of hope, the season of revolution and love. Advent is both the remembering and celebration of God coming to dwell with creation in the person of Jesus Christ. It is the embodiment of love and good news. During the Advent season, we will be lighting a different candle each week that symbolizes our anticipation of the coming of God.


The first candle is the candle of Hope. It is the candle that reminds us of the hope that came in Jesus Christ. That God himself took on flesh and make his home with us and experienced life as we do. It is the hope that life can be greater than we ever imagined. It is the hope that we hold to in the person of Christ for our salvation. We have hope because God is the God of second chances and reconciliation. So during Advent, we have renewed hope as we celebrated the coming of the Christ child.


The second candle is the candle of Peace. Christ is the prince of peace and as his children, we are to be peacemakers. Because of Jesus, there is peace between us and God, God who is our Father and us who are his children are at peace with one another. Not only does the coming of Christ bring us the peace between us and God, but between each other. Jesus humbled himself to become like us, being on equal playing field with us, so that we may have peace with each other. As children of God, we are called to be at peace with each other.


The third candle is the candle of Joy! This is a time of great joy for Christ the savior is born! May we Go Tell It on The Mountain that Jesus Christ is born. At this great time in our church calendar, we are reminded of the great joy that Jesus brings, a joy that is unquenchable and unspeakable. A joy of life, a joy knowing that our God and creator came to earth to dwell with creation. The joy that our God is so personal that He came to us, breaking the tradition of people coming to God, so that we may spread the joy of God to all.


The fourth candle is the candle of Love. God is love. The act of Christ becoming a child is an act of love. Jesus does not need us; we need Him and his love. As we look at the life of Christ, starting with his birth as a child, we are to walk in the love of God. Loving all people and guiding them to the love of God


Our final candle this advent is the candle of Celebration. It’s a party, the greatest birthday party ever. He was born without much pomp and circumstance, but the celebration of the angels could be heard as they sang, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill to all men”.


Advent is a time of celebration for our God, creator, and sustainer came to us.

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