We are different people at different places in our faith journey, from different backgrounds and represent a multigenerational community that seeks God. We agree together not to make assumptions about the people across from us, next to us or who are in conversations with us. We will attempt to avoid offense and strive and challenge ourselves to ask the hard questions that push us out of our comfort zones. We do not assume fluency in the Bible, theology or Church language, because we affirm that the message of Jesus is not for Christianity but for all of humanity. Therefore, we do everything in the spirit of love, mercy and grace. At least we strive to.



We desire to build a community which acts justly, loves mercy and walks with God.


We desire to equip the community to bring a glimpse of heaven here on earth by being Kingdom focused in the here and now. 


We desire to impact our community by feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, being welcoming to the stranger, clothing those who are cold, tending to the sick and visiting those in prison and oppressed.


We desire to love people for who they are.

We desire to learn to love other and God.

Core Beliefs 

  • We believe that God is the creator of all that exists 

  • We believe that all humans bear the image of God and are precious in His sight

  • We believe that Jesus is the only son of God and is fully God and fully man

  • We believe that Jesus lived, died and rose again for the benefit of humanity 

  • We believe that new life and forgiveness is available to all through Jesus Christ

  • We believe that the Bible is the word of God and the story of redemption is woven throughout it

  • We believe that as Christians we are to go out into our communities and creation and be active participants in the redemptive work of God 


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History of the First Congregational Church of Belding


The First Congregational Church of Belding, Michigan was organised as the Christian Church of Otisco, Ionia County, January 1848.  This church was composed of 18 members, eight of the original members were friends who emigrated here from and attended the same church in Pittstown, New York.  The church was served by Elders until 1848 when Wilson Moser was unanimously chosen as the first regular Pastor.  He served the church for 25 years, the longest tenure of any minister in our history.

Services were held in school houses until 1872 when the present edifice was built at the corner of Washington and Pearl Streets. Also a parsonage next door.  The present church was dedicated on Sunday, October 1st, 1876 with Rev. Warren Hathaway of Blooming Grove, New York preaching.  The mortgage was paid off by 1900.  

The Christian Church and Society voted to reorganise as the First Congregational Church of Belding and was incorporated December 28th, 1892 and the property deeded to the First Congregational Church of Belding on January 2, 1893. Public recognition by a Council of churches and ministers was held January 13, 1893. 

In 1885 a bell was purchased for the church and in 1907 our beautiful pipe organ was purchased for $1500 and dedicated on November 17th, 1907.  Our original organ was powered by a piston motor regulated automatically by the bellows.  An electric motor was installed in 1927.  Our music continues with a choir and in 1984 three octaves of bells, and in 1986 three more octaves make up our "Angels of Praise" bell choir

In 1992 ground was broken for handicapped access with an addition of a wing on the west side of the church with an elevator to all floors and a handicap bathroom.



More coming....... 

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